New small business and you need a website?

Over the years a number new business owners have asked me to help them build them a website and my first response is always “why do you need one?”.

We live in such a digital world that when starting a business, people believe they need a website but have no idea why they need it or what it will do for them.

After all, if it's to show potential customers a few pictures of your work and have a few contact details wouldn't a leaflet, or a Facebook Business page suffice?

Don't get us wrong; we agree that a website can be a smart investment for new business as long as it comes with a plan. After all, a website isn't going to suddenly jump to #1 in Google overnight and nor will it market itself.

The critical point here is that merely building a website guarantees nothing by itself. Without either some investment into digital marketing (e.g. SEO, PPC) or some real-world marketing (business card, leaflets), the site is unlikely to attract much traffic or generate many customers.

You wouldn't hand out business cards with no contact details, would you? Sounds crazy, right?

At 71a, we believe no-one should be sold a website without the website agency understanding where the traffic is coming from and how it will the site will affect the business. Even small investments upfront can help generate the customer base a new business needs.

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