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Our spokespeople

Edward Newman
Edward Newman
CEO & Founder

Edward Newman is the founder and CEO of 71a. At 13 years old, he taught himself to code and at the age of 20 was given the opportunity to build a website, which later evolved to become money.co.uk.

Ed was a key member of the team that led money.co.uk up to and through two £120m+ acquisitions, and following the sale to Zoopla, took senior leadership roles at Uswitch and Bankrate. It’s there that he experienced partners and brokers who needed help with their product development and digital marketing.

Fast forward to 2019, Ed launched 71a to provide digital marketing services and products for the fintech industry and, within 18 months, was nominated for Marketing Partner of the Year at the British Bank Awards.

Ed believes we need to normalise talking about our finances and is a passionate believer in the power of innovative technology to help us do just that. He thinks all CEO’s should prioritise green practices in their businesses and is convinced that looking after his team is absolutely key to the success of 71a.

Laura Rettie
Laura Rettie
Chief Communications Officer

Laura Rettie is CCO at 71a and a personal finance broadcaster. Her digital financial PR and content marketing campaigns have gone viral on more than one occasion, driving considerable spikes in online traffic, securing thousands of pieces of media coverage, winning The Drum Marketing and PRWeek awards.

Laura is a regular business and personal finance correspondent for the BBC, Sky News, TalkRadio and LBC, appearing on several television shows sharing her personal finance and debt expertise, including the BBC One’s documentary series “A Matter of Life and Debt”.

Laura is passionate about making people’s lives easier by breaking down complicated financial jargon and explaining it in ways that’s accessible for all. She wants to help people feel more comfortable talking about their finances by removing the stigma around discussing salaries, debt and savings and champions using innovative fintech tools to help with budgeting for life’s big milestones.

For press enquiries contact Laura Rettie on:

emailpress@71a.co.uk phone01452 915719