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At 71a we understand that performance marketing needs to deliver scalable, reliable and sustainable growth. Having spent years working in-house for financial services brands we know how crucial getting paid media right is for creating a winning marketing mix.

While competitive rates and experience are part of our winning formula, it’s our history of delivering multi-million pound growth that sets us apart.

Ad Platforms were created to fit retail businesses and often agencies struggle to manage financial services clients successfully.

In our years of experience we have managed millions of ad spend in financial services and can build campaigns and strategies that work.

We offer a range of paid media and PPC services to suit your requirements:

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    PPC Account Management

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    Paid Media Strategy

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    Consultancy & Training

Can we help you with your PPC?

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  • What is PPC and how does it work?

    PPC is an acronym standing for pay-per-click and refers to advertising based on users clicking adverts, traditionally across search, display and video networks. Since the launch of Adwords (now Google Ads) PPC has become Google’s core revenue driver and remains Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc.’s largest revenue source.

    Search PPC is auction-based advertising, where advertisers compete via bidding for their adverts to appear in search results.

    The bids are also factored against a quality measure, to ensure that the most relevant advertisers are shown to users, not just those who have the deepest pockets.

    In Google Ads and Bing Ads this quality measure is known as Quality Score and is build from CTR (click-through-rate), ad relevance and landing page relevance.

    In Google Ads, the combination of £ bid x quality score is known as Ad Rank. Understanding how these components work is key to running successful campaigns.

  • Why is PPC important?

    Search PPC gives advertisers a relatively unique ability to advertise to customers when they are in the right mindset to buy. It offers advertisers the ability to target all potential relevant searches (and therefore searchers) in their target country or region.

    PPC is cost-effective vs other advertising channels in terms of both reach and direct response. It is scalable and while very responsive to trends and seasonality, it doesn’t suffer the same turbulence that SEO traffic can. Therefore, it can be a very stable and reliable marketing channel.

    The changes made in a live account are near real-time. For Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads budgets can be paused, stopped completely or changed without any prior commitment.

    All businesses should consider PPC to acquire new customers. But also, as other companies may advertise to customers who search for your products and brand, having brand protection PPC in place is recommended to avoid losing your clicks and customers to competitors.

    To find out more about how we can help you grow your paid media channels, talk to us today.

Nathan Barnett

By Nathan Barnett

Chief Marketing Officer at 71a