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At 71a we believe that organic growth for financial services and fintech is fundamentally driven by understanding consumer intent and answering customer needs through organic search.

By bringing our extensive experience of financial services marketplaces and truly understanding your products and customers, we can deliver organic strategies that work.

For us, success is measured not just by visits, visibility and rankings but also by building a reliable, valuable and scalable channel for our clients, anchored in great user experience for their customers.

Having a breadth of in house knowledge means we are adaptive to fill the gaps in any small, medium or enterprise business. That means working with in house teams, specialist agencies or handling 100% of the SEO strategy and execution.

To find out more about how we can help your financial services business grow through organic search, contact us today.

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  • What is SEO and how does it work?

    Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving visibility and traffic from search engines. SEO traffic is also referred to as organic search to differentiate this traffic from paid search advertising.

    It is a multifaceted process that ensures your site can be crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines, as well as increasing off-site signals such as inbound links, reviews and mentions.

  • What are SEO best practices?

    Firstly a high quality, https secure, fast and mobile-friendly web application.

    Secondly, engaging, expert and informative content, structured to help search engines and customers alike better understand the products and services.

    Thirdly, a high propensity to drive natural links and mentions.

    At 71a in addition to our proven record in all aspects of SEO, we are product-first marketing agency with solid foundations across engineering, CRO, CX, UX and development. This means we’re uniquely placed to understand how your financial services or fintech product can succeed organically.

  • How can I improve my SEO ranking?

    There are a number of techniques to improve your position in Google, all of which focus on covering what are known collectively as “ranking factors”.

    Some of these techniques require web development knowledge, referred to as technical SEO, other methods require expertise in content and creative fields.

    Examples of improvement areas;

    • Structuring internal links, redirects, hreflang and canonicals
    • Gaining external links and mentions
    • Improving online reputation and sentiment
    • Utilising structured data
    • Effective use of Google My Business
    • Improving the quality, structure, uniqueness, authority and quantity of site content
    • Improving site usability and reliability

    In financial services, by improving all of these elements you will increase your chances of better positions, traffic, conversions and sales. If you would like to understand how you can improve your SEO ranking, talk to us today for a full SEO audit geared for your financial services business.

  • What does YMYL and EAT mean?

    EAT stands for Expertise, Authority & Trust, as has been part of the Google core algorithm since August 2018. It describes three key factors Google’s human quality raters use in understanding and grading your site.

    EAT is particularly crucial for fintech and financial services, where the site content generally falls under the YMYL classification.

    YMYL is an acronym for Your Money Or Your Life, and is how Google classes content which may significantly impact people’s financial situation or their health.

    According to Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines YMYL refers to sites and content which “could potentially impact a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety,”

    Fundamental to improving organic results for financial services is having a thorough understanding Your Money Or Your Life criteria. Building strategies to work not only with robots and algorithms but also by following the Google guidelines used by highly trained and experienced humans that financial services organic search demands.

    Being an agency dedicated to driving performance for financial services, EAT and YMYL are core considerations for all SEO work we conduct. Talk to us today to find out more.

Nathan Barnett

By Nathan Barnett

Chief Marketing Officer at 71a