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60% increase in lead volume and 44% reduction in CPA

The brief:

Our client is one of the UK’s leading specialist mortgage advisors looking to grow the quality and quantity of their leads while reducing their cost per acquisition (CPA).

Our solution:

Through comprehensive market and keyword research, we crafted fully optimised search campaigns, ensuring every aspect - from updating client assets to refining ad copy and extensions - aligned with our client's highest-value customer segments. We rebuilt the account from the ground up, with campaigns designed to keep CPCs as low as possible.

We implemented ROAS (return on ad spend) bidding, a strategy that overcame the limitations of an average lead value and focused activity on the highest-value customers. We worked closely with the client to define customer values and the required data and modelling.

Our campaign optimisation process was continuous, involving the discovery of new keywords, strategic adjustments to bidding strategies, and fine-tuning of audience and demographic targeting.

We also reviewed the client’s main landing pages, form journeys and processes, focusing on user needs and behaviours. We formulated several tests to improve usability by optimising device-specific layouts within a responsive framework, improving calls to action and their form flow and wording. This enabled us to significantly improve their digital journeys and new customer engagement, helping to reduce their CPA and boost conversion by more than 36%.

The results:

44% reduction in CPA
60% increase in lead volume
31% increase in lead engagement

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Great team to work with! Cannot recommend them enough.

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Matt Tristram
Co-Founder at Loans Warehouse
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Head of Marketing at CLS Money
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