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Increased revenue by +400% and cut lead cost by -21%

The brief:

Our client wanted to grow the quality and quantity of their leads.

Our solution:

We created new ad campaigns that targeted specific groups of people who were interested in the products our client had to offer. The campaigns used exact and phrase matching to find people searching online for general terms related to their products.

We showed ads to people who were specifically searching for the products that our client offered, which included new information that helped customers to make a decision. We figured out what would be helpful to people searching online based on our experience and by looking at what our client's competitors were doing.

We conducted tests to help improve the number of people who completed our client's online form and reduce any frustrations they might have experienced. By watching visitors use the website and testing how quickly the pages loaded, we discovered which parts of the form were causing customers to leave the website without completing the form.

We also made changes to improve the speed and usability of the form on mobile devices and reorganised the order and wording of the questions on the form to make it simpler for people to complete.

The results:

+113% leads
-21% cost per lead
+400% revenue
+63% form completions

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A great understanding of what they do and always deliver on time (which is almost unheard of).

Great team to work with! Cannot recommend them enough.

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Matt Tristram
Co-Founder at Loans Warehouse
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Harley Kimber
Head of Marketing at CLS Money
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